To provide a unique Christian dimension to holidays & hospitality, and reach out to others through social action and evangelism to the Glory of God. 


     In the 30's of the last century an evangelical Church of England clergyman took his parish on holiday in order to assist bonding of the members and deepening their Christian understanding and faith. So much grew out of that simple act in many different ways, especially post-war, when holidays abroad started and places like, our 'distant cousin, Lee Abbey began.

     From this 'pathfinder' operation "Highway Holidays" was born with that same vision. It had an Advisory Council which soon became the Council for Highway Trust, limited by guarantee and registered as a charity to seal in those objectives of providing opportunities to experience God's love through holidays and fellowship.

   1962 until 1985 saw an expansion of the Trust as it became truly ecumenical in outlook. Firstly, Thornleigh Hotel, Grange-over-Sands, was purchased in 1973. 
Then in 1984 the Trust undertook to look after "Parish Holidays" which brought American visitors over to stay, as paying guests, in private homes. In 1997 "Highway Projects" was set up to take Youth Groups to the Holy Land and Jordan, to join local youngsters in service to the community, much appreciated by local partners.
Sadly both Highway Projects and Parish Holidays fell victim to the economic downturn in 2010

      The Thornleigh operation holds its own upholding the Highway principles, providing excellent accommodation, quality food and God-centered fellowship



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